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Hyundai Motors targets commercialization of electric bus next year

| Date : 2017.05.17 |

Hyundai Motor, South Korea's biggest carmaker by sales, said Tuesday it will unveil a new bus fully powered by electricity this month with the aim of getting it on the streets in 2018.

As new Korean government plans to sharply increase the number of charging stations across the country in the coming years, and critical fine dust & air pollutants emitted mainly by heavy-duty diesel engine of buses or commercial trucks, Hyundai Motors will field the emission-free bus in the domestic market.

Probably it means electric bus does not the ideal niche item any longer even in S.Korea. Current domestic electric bus makers are Edison Motors(former TGM), Woojin Industrial System.


Meanwhile, EPT Company start to develop the new EV Powertrain(PMSM+Inverter) with ultra-high torque more than 2500Nm. Many people say the direct-driving type without reducer, therefore, bus & commercial automakers are able to make cost reduction & simple-structured driveline by application of EPT's new powertrain to be unveiled as prototype sample on Nov. 2017.

Hyundai Motor has been developing the 'Elec City' for the past eight years and the vehicle powered by a 256 kilowatt-per-hour battery, it can run 290 kilometers on a single charge with the company claiming it will take several hours to top up the battery.

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