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E-Motor Dynamometer
Full set of motor-dynamometer is designed to test performance, efficiency, & durability of the electrical powertrains of EV/HEV. It consists of a bidirectional DC Power Supply (battery simulator), test bed, utilities, and a low inertia (induction) motor which provides load to a test motor in a wide range of speeds & torque. Typical specifications are 150kW, 16,000rpm, 450Nm.

Battery Simulator (BTS) ;
AC-DC Power Supply
Battery Simulator consists of a PWM (AC-DC) converter and a high performance bidirectional DC-DC converter. It provides galvanic isolation and guarantees unity power factor. Typical output voltage range covers 50~500VDC with 500A max. current. With a special order the minimum voltage range can be reduced to 20VDC, or the maximum can be increased to 1,000VDC. The bidirectional AC-DC Power Supply can be used for power source/sink for motor control and dynamic load to battery charger, solar cell inverter, converter under testing. It is a stand alone item, and some brands under 60kW are mounted into a moving rack. So it is suitable for research & development in a laboratory, as well as factory test.

EV Powertrain
EV propulsion motors are can be designed with a high power density and high efficiency. Long development experiences of EPT Co., Inc. can satisfy customers’ special needs and requirements. The specialty covers the design of PMSM & induction motor for passenger & commercial EVs, as well as special motors for eSports vehicles and drone. EPT Co., Inc. also provides EV inverter H/W solutions with a small form factor and high efficiency. It can develop a motor control program with an optimized torque-flux map accounting for the nonlinearity of the motor. Prototype developments or components delivery are feasible.